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Kai Nyame's Portfolio 


Hello There!

My name is KAI NYAME and I am a GAME DESIGNER, and PRODUCER. I put a lot of emphasis on cultivating effective teamwork and streamlining the development process to help each project member make the best content they can. I have shipped quite a few indie games since I started making games in 2013. Most of these games can be found on Steam,, and the AppStore.

I am currently studying at the USC Games Program where I am making games with the amaizingly talented students and professors there. I enjoy UX/UI diagramming, Trello, Adobe Illustrator and often use my skills towards helping visualize internal communication within my teams or creating informative content about my design process. You can find me on social media at @NyameDev

More About Me

  • USC GAMES UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT -  I am currently a second year student at the University of Southern California studying Interactive Entertainment in the USC Games program. Being there has pushed me to learn more about the various aspects of game development and caused me to grow both technologically and emotionally.

  • GAMEHEADS ALUMNI -  I started at Gameheads in the spring of 2016 and since then have been working on games there as the Lead Designer. Located in the Bay Area, Gameheads is dedicated towards helping underrepresented youth build the technical skills needed to help them break into the game industry. Our teams showcased at Day Of The Devs in SF, as well as at various gaming events in California including E3, GenVidCon and PAX. 

  • MAKE SCHOOL ALUMNI - In the summer of 2016 I participated in a coding bootcamp called The Make School. Throughout the course I made multiple apps and games for iOS. CORE, one of the iPhone games I developed, won the Make School's Audience Choice award, and is available on the AppStore. 

  • AVID COSPLAYER - I started the COSposer cosplay brand in 2013. I have created both original and fan-inspired costumes over the span of five years. With COSposer I have made over 50 commissions as well as showcased more than 10 personal costumes. 

My Skills

What I've Done

I started designing video games in my sophomore year of high school, where I created my first Unity game for a class final project.

Throughout high school I created and published many games. Some games I produced individually, while otheres were produced in small teams. I have worked on-site with teams, like with Gamehead's Team Gemini as a Producer, and remotely, like with UCSC's Senior Capstone Projects as a Technical Arist.
In making these games, I have worked with many commonly used software including game engines like Unity and Unreal, and both 2D and 3D art programs such as Maya, Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, and SketchBook. 

I have also taken non-design roles within game teams, including Team Management, Production and Marketing. I have taught the professional use of the task managing software Trello, as well as the use of Slack, Discord and other team communication services.

Adobe Illustrator


Autodesk Maya






Team Management 


Work Experience

Interested in Highering Me?

USC GAMES Teaching Assistant

August 2018- Present

USC Games is the #1 program for game design in North America. With classes from UI and Interface Design to Post-Production, Audio and Animation, USC Games offers a variety of classes that prepare the next generation to inovate, explore and impact the industry moving forward.


August 2018 - Present

GIVE TO CHANGE is a mobile app with a gamified UX and smaller minigames built directly into its ecosystem. Worked as the gamification designer and lead in delivering an engaging and fun user experience. Was featured on NBC’s GIVE TV SHOW and will be releasing to the general public in 2019.

Gameheads Design Lead

Febuary 2017 - August 2018

Gameheads is a youth program at United Roots’ Youth Impact Hub focused on teaching game design. In the process, they receive mentorship and tutoring to help them get into colleges to pursue STEAM-related degrees and prepare themselves to enter the tech and video game industries.

OHacks Community Organizer

August 2016 - October 2017

Oakland Hacks is Bay Area organization that aims to introduce and foster coding in beginners, as well as provide a space for experienced coders to practice and further develop their skills. They reach students from neighborhoods that are often underrepresented in the tech field, and by partnering with various local companies.

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